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1.    I am out of state and have reservations about sending my items to you, what guarantee do you have that I will receive my money after the auctions are sold?

I do require a signed contract before listing your items.  I have the capability of scanning and sending signed documents.  You can send me your signed copy of the contract by mail and I will send a copy with my signature to you by email, fax or mail.  You can also have it notorized as well and I can do the same.


2.    What are your fees?

I charge 35% of the listing sale price.  This includes basic fees associated with an auction.  Also, there may be store or relisting fees associated with items that are not selling.  I will contact you before any such fee may be charged.


3.   What happens if an item does not sell?

If  an item does not sell, you have the choice of getting your item back or I can list it in my store.  Please see question #2 above for possible additional fees.


4.   I am out of state, do you reimburse shipping to you for the items I send?

No, but I do like to take care of my repeat customers. So I may give discounts or not charge for extra fees.

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