Auction Services











Before I receive your items, I require a signed contract.  I can mail, email, fax you a copy of the contract or you can print it by clicking  here for contract and click here for addendum.

Once the contract is signed,  I do the following:

Research the item, determining best way to sell the item(s).  If I list an item as an auction, then I will list it twice if it doesn't sell the first time.  You also have the option of putting it in my Ebay store.  Extra fees will only incur if your items sits in the store for a long period of time.  I will always notify you first if there will be any extra fees.  Most items do sell within a  decent amount of time though. 

If we agree on how the item(s) is/are to be listed, I take pictures of your item(s) and edit the pictures as needed.

Create the listing(s)

List the auction(s)

Answer any questions

Ship the item(s)

I provide my client with a spreadsheet of the items sold.  If you don't have a computer, I can mail or fax it to you.


My fee is 35% of auction sale price.   This includes all basic Ebay/Paypal fees.  There are some feature items that Ebay provides, that you may choose to do, but they will cost extra.  Please see Ebays fee listing, here.



As of August 2017, I will not list items with a value of 10.00 or less. If you expect a certain amount for your item, then please tell me.  With Ebay you never know how your item will sell.  You have the option of putting a reserve or just starting your auction at the preferred price.    If the item is of good quality, most of the time it will sell for a higher price.  Having variety of items to sell with varying values will always balance the money you will get.  If something sells too low, there is usually an item you have that will sell for more than you expected.